Attentto - the activity network
Status: Closted BETA is running
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The best way to get active

Get active alone or together with others
Alone or together
With Attentto you can structure your social or active life.
It is easy to create an activity for your self or with others. Every activity will be with a category so you can get statistics for your motivation.
In every created activity you can create POLLs
Poll with what dates people can attend
Poll with what location shall we choose
and more
This is a small team project and we have been working on it for a long time. Attentto is now in closted alpha test. We hope to get it to open beta in primo 2020
It have never been easier to get active
Create: closted, public or open suggestion activities Create user (coming soon)
Company info
We are a small team that have one goal with Attentto, get active with an ease - less talk more doing
Contact us
att: Attentto
Stengade 51
DK - 3000 Elsinore
Phone: +45 31222221
Next level community
We focus on CO2 with carpooling, AI learning when people makes activities
Less CO2
- We give the users the function to make carpooling easy, so less people will drive to the activity
- Less messaging with POLLs = less internet trafic and less storage
Learning so it can predict what new kind of activities you could like.
Help connecting with new friends (good for people who have trouble finding new local friends)

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